Elation-Tech is your excavation technology partner since 2020
With over a decade of industry experience , we pride ourselves on being the Canadian supplier of advanced quality European machine control brands like Unicontrol & iDig 2 and 3D grade control systems and GNSS layout applications

welcome to Elation-Tech as a Unicontrol3D distributor!

Unicontrol debuts new grade control for dozers

Automatic Grading Control from Unicontrol is designed to make grading simpler for existing and new Unicontrol users. Developed in response to worldwide demand, the solution has received positive feedback from machine operators throughout its extensive testing phase. 

“At Unicontrol, our dedication to simplifying machine control for operators worldwide is evident in our commitment to innovation,” said Kasper Hartvig, Co-Founder  and Chief Product Officer at Unicontrol. “Automatic Grading Control stands as a testament to this dedication, simplifying dozer operation. Our development efforts are closely aligned with real-world challenges on construction sites, where Automatic Grading Control directly addresses the global demand for a solution that make it simpler to obtain precise dozer operation.”

User-friendly Unicontrol is now available in Canada

Founded in 2020, Elation-Tech is a distributor of European machine control brands, including Unicontrol, Geomax and formerly iDig.

“Unicontrol provides 3D GNSS guidance for excavators, dozers, tracked and wheeled loaders, and even backhoes with 3D machine/grade control applications,” said Christopher Brown, owner of Elation-Tech Inc

He added Unicontrol is compatible with all heavy equipment brands on machines from 5 to 50 tonnes.


The system is ideal for drainage and sewer infrastructure, as well as golf course design, digging footings and foundations, site preparation and levelling.

“This makes it ideal for jobs with little to no room for error,” Brown said. 

Living up to its motto “machine control made simple,” Unicontrol is user-friendly, giving the operator the ability to upload design plans and create designs on the spot while in the cab,  with updates in real time.