Connect 2D


  • 1 control box with a cradle
  • 1 LED bar graph with a cradle
  • 2 mini-Bluetooth sensors with mounting plates
  • 1 Bluetooth combo sensor with a mounting plate
  • 1 2D sensor
  • 1 calibration kit
Control Box

Our Dual core Control box is a powerful and robust tool equipped with a patented software designed with and for excavator operators. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing operators to easily manage a vast library of calibrated machines and buckets.

Bar graph

Our LED display bargraph acts as a real assistant in your cab. The green, red, and orange lights function as reliable positioning indicators within your bucket’s field of vision, providing real-time accurate guidance.


Our unique wireless solar-rechargeable sensors snap onto your excavator and unclip to switch from one excavator to another in a few minutes.


  • Enhanced speed with Bluetooth 5 transmission (100 Hz)
  • Simple to use and install, no qualifications required.
  • Real-time bucket position.
  • Ideal for rapid and accurate levelling of platforms, with or without slopes.
  • Tilt buckets and most tilt rotators are supported.
  • Excavator machine control with laser precision, incorporating a combo sensor that manages laser reception.
  • Excavators with augers can be calibrated for the right depth while remaining vertical.
  • A warning signal can be activated when the excavator is close to a height hazard;
  • Optional sensor for levelling with a blade.
  • Web assistance
  • Battery life up to 300 hours


Tilt function, blade control, auger, clamshell bucket.