Gold-CAN Laser Control System & Directional Solenoid Valve



Package Components

CANAMEK-Gold-CAN Package Components:
CP210-CAN Control Box
MD205-CAN Laser Receiver
Power Cable
Blade Cable
Receiver to Control Box Connection Cable
Aluminum Carry Case
Directional Solenoid on/off Valve

Directional Solenoid on/off Valve Components:
CS-G02-C6-D1-N Directional Valve,
Manifold – D03
Manifold Mounting Bracket Kit (Plated Steel),
Bolt Kit for G02 Valve


Technical Data for CANAMEK-Gold-CAN Laser Control System
Control Box CP210-CAN:
Selectable Accuracies
Water-Resistant: IP66
Capability of Remote Switch Connectivity
Displaying Error Message When No Connection Between Receiver & Control Box
Short circuit protection
Voltage Range: 12 to 24 V
Blade Up and Down Speed Control in 80 Increments through Menu

Laser Receiver MD205-CAN:

Alloy Aluminum Body
Water-Resistant: IP68
Capture Range: 360°
Measurement Window: 190 mm
Weight: 2.850 Kg
Receiver Communicates and is Powered via CAN bus
Voltage Range: 12 to 24 V
Mechanical Clamp Mount for Secure Attachment on Machines
Real-Time Laser Bounce Filtration
Flashing LED Indicators:
Red: Receiver is above grade
Green; Receiver is on grade
Yellow; Receiver is below grade

Cables and Connectors:

Water & Dust Proof Connectors
Circular Mill Connectors
Appropriate for High Mechanical Stress
Appropriate for Low temperatures
Oil Resistant
Power Cable Length: 13.12 ft
Blade Cable Length: 24.77 ft
Receiver to Control Box Connection Cable Length: 36 – 46 ft

Technical Data for Directional Solenoid on/off Valve

-12V DC
-Opening, closing or changing the direction of liquid flow
-DIN type Connector
– Dual Frequency 50/60 Hz
–H Class Coil Insulation
-Normally OPEN & Closed Center both available