Green. Easy to operate. Extremely robust.

Visibility: outstanding
Green laser beams are four times as visible to the human eye as red beams with the same power. For this reason, the Nedo TUBUS 2 Pipe Laser is fitted as standard with a green laser diode that is optionally available with laser class 2 or 3R. The green laser dot of the TUBUS 2 is easy to see on the height-adjustable target board, even in unfavourable light conditions. This high visibility means that jobs can be completed much faster.


Operating concept: smart
The sophisticated SmartControl operating concept of the TUBUS 2 Pipe Laser ensures easy, intuitive handling:
All important data, including the gradient, cross slope, axis alignment and battery level, are clearly shown on the well-arranged OLED display on both, the laser and the remote control. The combined radio and infrared remote control ensures top transmission performance both in and above the pipe.
The display and keypad of the pipe laser and remote control are identically configured to ensure intuitive operation. Frequently used functions can be accessed at the touch of a button. The axes are aligned using the manual alignment function. Compensation for cross slope is automatic, also for plumbing.


Robustness: no compromisesSturdily built to meet the demands of professionals. Reliable performance for gruelling use in heavy construction. The rugged aluminium housing has an IP 68 protection rating. The shock-protection system of the TUBUS 2 protects sensors and electronic components even under the toughest conditions.
The Nedo TUBUS 2 makes no compromises – Made in Germany.