Zenius08: Android tablet


he rugged Android tablet for field work in all conditions, all day long

From survey to layout to checks, make the most of your time on site by viewing and working with your GeoMax TPS and GNSS data on the rugged Zenius08 tablet. Made for your toughest and longest days in the field, the Zenius08 runs X-PAD software and syncs to all your GeoMax sensors.

The power of a rugged partner

Long workdays take you to challenging sites and deadlines don’t wait for the weather. With the Zenius08, continue measuring even in harsh conditions thanks to a rugged, waterproof build, robust screen protection, 6 programmable hardware keys and easy operation. Additionally, 15-hour, exchangeable batteries ensure the Zenius08 stays powered through your longest days.

Fully connected

Fitting into and improving your GeoMax field workflow, the Zenius08 paired with X-PAD Ultimate field software connects with GeoMax GNSS and total station sensors. Long-range Bluetooth connection frees you to move around the site with fewer setups, and 5G and Wi-Fi connection support data transfer and video calls with the office.

Enhanced field workflows

Zenius08 and X-PAD Ultimate cover all workflows in the field by offering the best collaborative tools to connect the field and office. Thanks to the performance of Zenius08, load and manage large BIM, drawings, surfaces and road design projects, in high resolution. 12 dedicated shortcut keys quickly connect you to your most used X-PAD functions, so you progress through measurement, positioning, and as-built tasks faster.

Ready to deliver

Zenius08 is fully integrated in the X-PAD ecosystem. Upload all your sensor data from X-PAD Ultimate via X-PAD 365 to build deliverables in X-PAD Office Fusion. In the office software, images taken with the Zenius08 camera can be processed, generating dense point clouds and even 3D orthophotos. As-built verification and streamlined data exchange provide certainty on site through checks that minimize rework and revisits.

Here to stay

A rugged, durable design paired with high-performance processing power ensures the Zenius08 is a long-lasting instrument here to stay. Built with the latest Android technology, benefit from system upgrades that secure your investment into the future. Support and training from the GeoMax Academy team will help you get the most of your tablet in the short and long-term.

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