283 Construction Marking Paint Red-Orange (12 Per Case)



The Aervoe Paint in a Bag is a revolutionary alternative to aerosol cans, offering a safer and more environmentally friendly solution for your marking needs. With its non-aerosol, propellant-free design, this product provides a reliable and efficient way to apply paint. Each case contains 12 cartridges, ensuring an ample supply for your marking projects.

Key Features:

  • Non-aerosol, propellant-free: The Aervoe Paint in a Bag eliminates the need for aerosol cans and their associated propellants. This makes it a safer and more environmentally friendly choice for users and reduces the environmental impact.

  • Clear packaging: The clear packaging of the cartridge allows you to easily see the paint color and monitor how much paint remains, ensuring that you are always aware of your paint levels.

  • Durable and recyclable bag: The cartridge features a durable and recyclable bag that securely holds the paint. This design ensures the integrity of the paint while providing a sustainable and eco-friendly option for disposal.

  • Non-clogging tip: The Aervoe Paint in a Bag is equipped with a non-clogging tip, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted paint application process. This helps maintain consistent and accurate markings.

  • Disposable cartridge: Once the paint is fully used, the empty cartridge can be disposed of in normal refuse. This eliminates the need for special disposal procedures, making the product convenient and easy to use.

  • Extended linear feet coverage: The Aervoe Paint in a Bag provides more linear feet coverage compared to aerosol marking paint. With an impressive range of 550 to 625 linear feet, you can complete your marking projects efficiently and effectively.

  • Wide color selection: This product is available in 15 colors, including both regular and fluorescent options. The color range matches the Aervoe marking paint aerosol colors, allowing for consistency in color selection and durability.

Choose Aervoe Paint in a Bag for a safer, propellant-free, and eco-friendly marking solution. With its clear packaging, durable bag, non-clogging tip, and extended linear feet coverage, this product offers convenience and reliability for a variety of marking applications. With a wide selection of colors available, you can achieve consistent results that match the durability of Aervoe marking paint aerosols.