Unicontrol GNSS Rover with built-in tilt function combines a high-performance GNSS receiver with our familiar intuitive tablet interface.

Chr. Johannsen was our fourth customer at the very beginning! Their feedback and input played a significant role in the quality of Unicontrol3D as it is today.

Morten Holck is a small Danish contractor. He invested in Unicontrol because of the swing boom support and service-oriented staff. It is also very simple to use - even if you're not into tech stuff.

Established in 2017, P Quinn Construction offer the hire of highly experienced specialist drivers and machinery for a range of types of construction projects, including: golf courses and other sports grounds, civil engineering (both residential and commercial), railway work, quarry work, forestry and landscaping.

Harry Andersen & Søn explain how Unicontrol3D has ensured more independence for their machine operator. User-friendly and simple 3D machine control system.

By including only the necessary features and components, we apply simplicity in all of our processes!