Hold on tight with no hands!

Whether you use a smartphone or a field tablet, our new MagPad takes grip to a whole new level with powerful magnets. Adjust, turn, clamp with ease.

Smartphone & Tablet Size

  • Device plate 2.35″ square / 4.4” square

  • Self aligning magnets and tapered pocket for secure hold

  • Horizontal and vertical alignment

  • Plate is adhesive backed with 3M VHB

  •  Weather tested to ensure security over time and in all environments

  • Designed for the industries heaviest and most rugged tablets

  • Pole bracket provides secure, fast, clamping with only a few turns.

  • Pressure distributing clamp provides a secure, non-slip hold without damaging your pole.

noun-tablet-1171944.png<- C500 noun-smartphone-1055254.png<- C400

So simple and so powerful:

  • Made from rugged aluminum

  • Utilizes Seco’s MagPad system for quick secure connection

  • Available for TSC5 and TSC7

  • No plastic parts

  • Allows for easy access to battery,for battery swap

  • Ergonomically designed by Seco engineers

  • Screw locking system included for extra security when needed

  • Manufactured in North America