Marking Whiskers


Welcome to PRESCO, your leading provider of industrial-grade marking products, designed to ensure optimal safety and efficiency across a myriad of applications. Our marking whiskers stand at the forefront of innovative solutions for construction sites, property boundaries, landscaping, and much more.

Virtually indestructible, these APWA color-coded Marking Whiskers spring back up when run over by lawn mowers, graders and heavy equipment. They are easily and conveniently attached to wood stakes or to 60-penny nails (not included). Use them alone or in conjunction with other marking products.

Color-Coded Marking Whiskers

Our color-coded marking whiskers are not just a product; they’re a versatile solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern construction, utility marking, and landscaping projects. Available in a vibrant array of colors, these whiskers can be conveniently attached to a wood stake or 60-penny nails, making them easily visible in any environment—from athletic fields to heavy equipment laden construction zones.


What are Marking Whiskers Used for?

Marking whiskers are an indispensable tool for accurately identifying and marking the location of underground utility lines, property boundaries, and other critical areas. They are designed to withstand being run over by lawnmowers, grazed by heavy equipment, and exposed to extreme weather conditions, making them virtually indestructible.

  • Construction Sites: For delineating excavation areas and marking obstacles to prevent damage to underground utilities.
  • Utility Marking: Essential for indicating the presence of utility lines beneath the ground, thus preventing accidental disruptions.
  • Landscaping and Athletic Fields: Marking whiskers indicate areas that need special attention or are off-limits to lawn mowers and other maintenance equipment.
  • Property Boundaries: Clearly mark limits to avoid disputes and ensure proper maintenance.
  • Cemetery Plots and Forest trees for harvest: Clearly identify plots and trees where further work is needed for excavation and removal purposes.

Stocking Length of 6 Inches

Each whisker comes with a standard stocking length of 6 inches, providing optimal visibility while being long enough to stand out against the background, yet short enough to prevent interference with equipment like mower blades.

Insertion Instructions

Installing marking whiskers is straightforward and efficient. They can be easily inserted into the ground with a wooden stake or a 60-penny nail. For harder surfaces, a smaller nail or hammer might be required to secure the whisker in place, ensuring it remains visible and intact for extended periods. Here are two tried-and-true methods for easy insertion:

Option 1: Insert a 60-penny nail through the circular opening of the metal clip, then hammer the nail into the ground.

Option 2: Hammer a wood stake into the ground. Hold the whisker at the end opposite the metal clip and hammer the metal clip into the top of the wood stake.