Roll Flagging Tape Supplier




1) Taffeta Flagging Tape

  • -10F Temperature Resistance
  • Thicker mil thickness with heavy embossing
  • 2.5 mil for Standard Colors, 4.5 mil for PresGlo Colors

2) Coarse Matte

  • -20F Temperature Resistance
  • Economical and non-embossed
  • 2.0 mil for Standard, 2.0 mil for PresGlo Colors

3) Texas Flagging Tape

  • -20F Temperature Resistance
  • Texas shaped embossing pattern
  • Superior weathering qualities
  • 2.0 mil for Standard Colors, 3.0 mil for PresGlo Colors

4) Arctic Flagging Tape

  • -40F Temperature Resistance
  • Excellent durability and performance at low temperatures
  • 3.0 mil for Standard Colors, 5.0 mil for PresGlo Colors

5) EdgeMark RollFlagging Tape

  • 2.5 mil thickness
  • Formulated specifically for economics and functionality.
  • Great for general use in Survey, Construction and Hardware markets
  • Made to order


1″ and 1 3/16″ (custom widths available upon request)


300′ for Standard Colors, 150′ for PresGlo Colors (custom widths available upon request)

6) Special Width

Taffeta, Coarse Matte, and Arctic Flagging Tape are also available in Special Widths


Contact Customer Service for available sizes

Presco is one of the prime manufacturers of flagging tape for sale online, meaning that anything you see can be customized to fit your unique needs. Call today to discuss customization options.

How We Became a Roll Flagging Tape Supplier

Presco’s roll flagging roots began with woven slit cheese cloth over 60 years ago. But as times changed, so did our processes. In 1976, our first sellable pounds of the flexible vinyl film was extruded specifically for our stake flag and roll flagging product lines. And today, our roll flagging is produced from a PVC film extruder right here in our Sherman, Texas manufacturing facility. Presco’s proprietary formulations can be customized to include added plasticizer packages, yielding maximum physical properties to endure the environmental conditions for each unique application, such as increased tensile strength, cold crack resistance, and UV stability.