Top-performing technology, smart investment

The Zenith16 GNSS smart antenna provides fast and accurate measurements, enabling you to efficiently complete high-quality projects.
Experience the Zenith16’s full potential when combined with X-PAD software and GeoMax field controllers, enabling an optimised workflow from the field to the office within a single, streamlined ecosystem.

Top-performing technology

Enjoy increased productivity and reduced failure rates thanks to the power of Hexagon’s cutting edge technology and the partnerships with high quality brands like SATEL and NovAtel. Benefit from multi-frequency, multi-constellation tracking, access to precise point positioning (PPP), and fast convergence times for high accuracy with less downtime.

High-value investment

Top performing technology and a remarkable price-performance ratio meet in the Zenius16 GNSS receiver, making it a strong investment. Additionally, you’ll join the GeoMax family, including the strong network of support and training designed to ensure you get the most value out of your product through its lifetime.

Software integrations for streamlined workflows

The X-PAD Software Suite is tailored for projects that require capturing accurate data in the field, transferring it quickly and securely to the office, storing and managing files on a single platform, post-processing GNSS static data, and more. This includes X-PAD Ultimate, the dedicated GeoMax field software featuring straightforward workflows, and X-PAD Fusion, which combines all data types from GeoMax sensors and 3rd party sources like UAV data.

Open & flexible configuration

The Zenith Manager, a stand-alone application available for Windows® and AndroidTM operating systems enables you to configure your receiver without using the field controller.

The Zenith16 offers the best value for money from leading technology providers, Hexagon and NovAtel, who are behind GeoMax.

Mr. Jordan Pandezov

owner and CEO of Survey ProGEO Ltd

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