Zenith60 Pro



Navigate every challenge fast and accurately with the reliable Zenith60 Pro GNSS smart antenna.

For surveyors and construction professionals who want to get the job done on time and with confidence, the advanced Zenith60 Pro GNSS smart antenna ensures precise, accurate, and hassle-free measurements. Whether working under dense canopy, in urban canyons, or on construction sites, this high-performing RTK rover provides reliable data in challenging conditions. Integrated into the world of GeoMax X-PAD software keeps you covered with intuitive workflows and easy data exchange from measuring to processing to help you get maximum results in minimum time.

Optimised performance

The new, powerful RTK rover provides high quality data and supports a streamlined workflow. The Zenith60 Pro‘s tilt compensation makes it possible to measure otherwise inaccessible points and increases your measurement speed and accuracy.

Boosted efficiency for your digital workflow

Zenith60 Pro is fully integrated with the GeoMax ecosystem, providing a comprehensive solution that works when you do. Zenith60 Pro connects with GeoMax total stations and innovative X-PAD field software that enables an efficient and flexible workflow. X-PAD Software provides a simple user experience without extra software maintenance costs.

Reliable even under canopy

Face any challenge and have your job done with the new Zenith60 Pro. Whether it’s harsh climate, urban areas, dense canopy coverage, or other challenging terrains, the Zenith60 Pro helps you overcome obstacles with minimal effort.

Welcome to the connected world of GeoMax software and support

Make the most of the Zenith60 Pro by connecting into the world of GeoMax’s standout software and support for a unified solution to your individual needs.

The GeoMax X-PAD Software Suite covers all the stages of a construction project, from design to plan and build. It is tailored for projects that require capturing accurate data in the field, transferring it quickly and securely to the office, storing and managing files on a single platform, post-processing GNSS static data, and more.

The Suite includes X-PAD Ultimate, the dedicated GeoMax field software for GNSS antennas and total stations featuring straightforward workflows on site.

X-PAD Office Fusion combines all your geospatial data from GeoMax sensors, laser scanners, and drones in one environment, enabling you to create your project deliverables, while X-PAD 365 cloud platform empowers synchronised collaboration, file management, and notifications.

Additionally, as part of the GeoMax family you are connected to a range of resources for real-time support and on-demand subject training from our Training Academy.

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